Building a Future for At-Risk Youth

Saskatchewan, Canada

Inspiring and empowering vulnerable at-risk youth towards holistic well-being, physical fitness, and a thriving lifestyle.

Making a difference ...

Youth Wellness Camps

KISIK is the #1 Wellness Camp program in Saskatchewan having done well over 70 trips since 2017 with kids from Saskatoon and throughout the province. We provide both summer, and winter camps where our focus is to empower our youth with a positive mindset, skills to achieve success, and provide insight that promotes positive habits.

Corporate Educational Tours

Partnering with local business, such as SaskPower to educate students and familiarize them with opportunities available to them through Provincial land based corporations and also familiarize them with post secondary institutions such as SIIT and Sask Polytech. Indigenous Role models play a big role in inspiring participants with great success.

Motivation and Inspiration

Life is a series of lessons, and sometimes those lessons come wrapped in mistakes and failures. All youth need motivation. The team at Kisik Youth Wellness have a mandate to sow into our youth and communities and inspire them to the endless possibilities life has to offer, overcome adversity, set goals, and learn successful life empowering skills..

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Our Mission

Inspiring and empowering vulnerable youth to achieve holistic well-being, physical fitness, and a thriving lifestyle. We provide a comprehensive land-based program designed to assist young individuals in setting and achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, and fostering an environment that encourages them to embark on a successful life journey.




Changing young lives for the better ...

Positive role models play a key parts in influencing our youth. Our programs are built around overcoming key challenges faced by our youth and communites.


CTV News' Mike Ciona, the MC, will be broadcasting live feeds from the event promoting the sponsors.

April 24th 2024

Industry Tours
Pathways to success trip with Cumberland House students to learn about the opportunities and supports offered.

Oct 17th 2023

Oct 17th 2023

All youth need motivation ...

Simply put, these work as you can see by the testimonials from the principals and students.

Franklin Baptiste

This was my first fishing trip. I learned so much. I caught my first fish which was my favorite part. I also learned to clean fish and I loved eating them, especially with tarter sauce. Thanks to Doug and Carlin for teaching me to fish and also shoot a bow and arrow and pellet gun. I would love to come back!


I loved this trip. It was so fun. May favorite part was skinning the moose and finding the moose. The staff were very nice. Laurie is the best cook. I would love to come back again.

Sandy S.

I enjoyed the fishing it was so nice and also learned to clean fish. I would recommend to others and it was so nice to get out of the house and rez.


Feedback & Testimonials

Making an Impact has it’s rewards, but none as rewarding as the feedback from those affected because of the interaction that took place. Often times the gratitude comes years later as one recalls encouraging words that were spoken and received much earlier in ones life.


Check out the smiling faces.

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Inspiring and empowering vulnerable at-risk youth towards holistic well-being, physical fitness, and a thriving lifestyle.